What happens in a session?

A reading is both a relaxing and enjoyable experience.  A session begins with sharing questions and areas you want to focus on before the reading starts, or choosing to just mentally ask questions and not vocalise anything at all.

During a session, I’ll look at who you are and where you are in your life, your environment, and what is affecting and influencing you. Then the reading looks at the year ahead, broken down into it’s four quarters. Within this process, many things can be covered, and it is not always linnear. As I am tuning into your mind, your energy, and past life influences, the session is very organic and so takes us on a unique journey.

The information I give to you is practical and useful. Discussion and questions are encouraged, so you get the maximum out of your time, but if you prefer to just listen, that works too.

Above all, my aim is to give you clarity and knowledge about you and what’s ahead. About 15 mins before the reading ends, I will ask if you feel everything has been answered and if you want any extra readings to clarify further.

Self discovery and self exploration are the magical ingredients in a session with me. Focus is always given on what will be most beneficial for you to hear. What do you need to know at this time in your life? I cover as much as possible for you, so the time we spend together, gives maximum benefit. It is quite intimate and you get to look into your own universe. It is fascinating.

I divide your session into sections. A general reading for your life, and then time to drill into specific areas separately. I always prioritise what you need to know about most. My aim is that you feel clearer, more directed and assured at the end of your session.

I can answer questions about other people in your life, such as health concerns but I am also considerate also not to breach anyone’s privacy.

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