March 7th: Four of Rods & Eight of Coins

Happy Thursday. Today we have a great combo, and some sage advice about building our dreams and how we can do this . These cards tell us that we need to be dedicated and committed to our dreams, if we want them to come true. Making a dream come true takes work. What would you like to happen for you? Are you doing something to make this happen or just hoping? It will help a great deal if you clearly know what will make you happy and strong and work towards this.

The Four of Rods shows us we can find that dream. The Eight of Coins says only work and effort can make it happen. Channel your earth work energy to build your dream (coins). Channel your fire element energy, to keep the dream alive and visualise it being in your life (rods). Overall, today’s cards are saying we must put effort, time and devotion into building something that will take care of us, makes us happy and importantly, give us security.

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