March 8th: Three of Cups

Today is International Women’s day. Let’s celebrate this with these special ladies. The Three of Cups, is all about joy, celebrating and creating a good vibe that everyone can enjoy. What a great card for us to pick today, for holding up a glass to being a woman. It doesn’t matter if you are a man,
you still have female energy. Let’s align ourselves with this more. There is a strong sense of unity in this card of the day, and that is what makes women so powerful, when they support each other, and hold each other up.
This minor arcana card embodies softness, creative energy, and an overflow of sexuality and strength combined. The Three of Cups, depicts the Three Vestal Virgins, but even purity still contains sexuality. Tap into your own individual beauty today and beam it out to others as a beacon of light and unity.

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