Find Your Female Power: A Tarot Guide to celebrate International Women’s Day.

Today is International Women’s Day, let’s look at it from a Tarot Guide perspective. Today promotes women empowering other women and celebrating our good fortune of being in the female form. This is spontaneously put together for International Women’s day, this afternoon, so it’s a little rough, my apologies.

I want to talk about what I hear when I read for women. This is what they often say at some point in a session:

  • I don’t feel beautiful.
  • I don’t have confidence in myself.
  • I want to meet some one but they are always wrong. Why?
  • I’m not very good at having clarity for myself.
  • I don’t feel connected to my power.

This is an unfortunate reflection of how us Ladies question ourselves. How many of us feel connected to our ‘female power’? We all have it! Here is a guide to help us reflect on these issues. I have chosen five of Tarot’s most glorious Ladies, who can empower us, if we work with these cards.

“I don’t feel beautiful” – The Star – Card 17 Major Arcana

The Star
The Star, Major Arcana

Look at this stunning lady. She is letting it all hang out. She is naked because she is comfortable in her own skin. She shines because she hides nothing. Being beautiful is not The Star card’s focus, but it does teach us something. Who you naturally are is what makes you beautiful. It is our sensual shapes, our curves, our dimples, that are so exquisite. The radiating stars above her head indicate that we are all unique and gifted in some way.

To feel more beautiful, tune into your raw energy in being a woman. This is the water she pours. The Star is about the natural flowing of our inner energies pouring out. Just know that having this female form is magical.
We make babies, we make life, we can feed others with our breasts. We are creators. What more do we need to feel beautiful?

“I don’t have confidence in myself” – The Queen of Coins – Minor Arcana

The Queen of Coins Minor Arcana

The Tarot has quite a few ladies to choose from for this statement. I chose Queen of Coins because she’s just so solid in believing in her vision about where she wants to go and who she wants to be. The Queen of Coins is earth element. Confidence comes when we feel grounded and we believe in ourselves.

The clue to becoming more confident is in this Queen’s focus. She is looking far off in the distance. She has a big vision about herself. Confidence comes from knowing you are capable and you have something great to offer. We all do. The peaceful gaze on The Queen of Coins face, tells us to make a focused goal, and prove to yourself that you can do it, by doing it.
It does not matter if it works or not. It is the action of doing that builds up our capability and courage.

“I meet men/women, but they are always wrong. Why?” – The Nine of Coins – Minor Arcana

Nine of Coins, Minor Arcana.

Even if this card doesn’t show up in a reading, I often get it out to show a client who is suffering with this issue. What are they missing that The Nine of Coins has? Self worth, that’s what!! No lady is complete without it when it comes to love. Until we recognise we are gold and our love and time are priceless, we will just keep giving ourselves to anyone who shows up because we feel poor in ourselves. We must connect to our self worth and that we know we are precious goods before sharing ourselves with some one else.

This card shows we are rich. The Nine of Coins, exudes abundance, inner wealth, royalty. She knows who she is and she never settles for being some one’s fast food, when she knows she’s caviar. Know you ARE caviar or some fabulous vegan variety. Then watch what happens on the love front.
I HIGHLY recommend the book ‘Women Who Run With Wolves’ by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Ph.D., Jungian analyst and Cantadora storyteller. This book will help you if you have this issue. I also found this great article by Kami Leon, about the book from 2017. She gets to the heart of why every woman needs to read this life saving book. It changed the way I see myself and my love life forever, promise!

“I’m not very good at having clarity for myself”. – Queen of Swords – Minor Arcana

The Queen of Swords, Major Arcana.

The Queen of Swords is the Goddess of clarity. Look at her sword and how sharp it is. That is the female mind. You know when you just know? Oh but we doubt this so much at times. Annoying! How can we have better clarity about a situation? Firstly, clear your mind. The Queen of Swords mind is spacious and free of mental waffle. This is what blocks our clarity. Too much guessing about what we think, doubting our intuition. What is the Queen of Wisdom telling us? “Cut through it’! This sword is wielded up to threaten those thoughts and beliefs that lead to doubt.

Let your motto be ‘First thought, best thought’ said by poet Allen Ginsberg. This is good ground level training for your clarity to increase. Believe and don’t second guess or analyse yourself. Tell your mental chatter, “don’t mess with my decisions, or I’ll chop yer block off”!

“I don’t feel connected to my power”. – The High Priestess – Card 2 Major Arcana

The High Priestess, Major Arcana

Firstly, what does ‘Power’ mean for a woman? This is a big question. I can’t answer it all here, Singer Annie Lennox’s Instagram account, promotes it constantly with the Global Feminism movement, of which she is part of.
I think The High Priestess could be their ambassador. I could write so much on her, and I will, but for now, use this card to access your sense of power as a woman. Firstly, she does not give herself away easily. She is quite hidden and private. The High Priestess knows where her energy needs to be used and doesn’t waste it on trivial and worldly pursuits. I think this is an important pointer to the question ‘what does power mean for a woman? Check out Greta Garbo, Hollywood film star, and one of my Female heroes. She reminds me of The High Priestess. You’ll see how empowered she was as a woman when she didn’t need to play the success game anymore.

Power is energy, it is our intuition, it is feminine strength. Female power is being selective in all aspects of our lives an not wasting it on draining jobs, friends, people, TV. Power is knowledge too, but not worldly information. Female knowledge is psychic, intuitive, and channelled by the universe’s energies. Once you know that just by being female, you belong to a lineage of power already, you can relax and not feel a need to search for it anymore.

I hope these snippets of insight gives you inspiration and ideas to follow your power and your innate talents. This article is written not just for women. I am talking to you guys too. This article can speak to you too. Women are just in different bodies, with more dangly bits than us. 

Please share this article if it inspires you and I welcome comments and feedback.

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