March 9th: Knight of Coins

Happy Saturday. Today we have the Knight of Coins, minor arcana, which indicates the ins and outs of life. This is a good and stable card for us to pick. The only downside to The Knight of Coins, is that sometimes when we are following our goals it can get boring and repetitive. That is all part of working towards something we want.

If you are feeling uninspired with the progress of a project or something that you thought would be exciting is now feeling heavy, please keep going. It is better to forge ahead than to give up. If you feel uninspired, remember it’s all part of building something great and sticking it out. This Knight wants to succeed and he is ready to be in bad weather, travel far, and even fight to make it happen. Follow his example today. Put some fire under your ambition and light it up again.

All of this information can relate to work goals, money goals, health goals. This tarot card says you are doing well and things can take time. Believe in yourself today. You are still growing something great!

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