March 12th: Page of Cups

Page of Cups is today’s tarot card. This is perfect for Pisceans, and whichever house Pisces lives in your chart. Page of Cups is minor arcana, water element. It is all about feeding your inspiration with what you are doing by ramping up the positive emotions around it. Get excited! Where might you be feeling tired and doubting right now? Don’t let feelings of flatness or tiredness spoil the growth that is taking place in your life.

Page of Cups is about enjoying your dreams and hopes for what you are building. There is a sweet innocence to this card and also sensitivity with our feelings and emotions. I suggest you use this and get ‘romantic’ with your goals today. Give them attention and focus, lots of love and smiles. Remember this is innocent, child energy, where our ideas are so exciting that we want to share them with everyone. Be an attentive sweetheart to your dreams and they will bloom and blossom.

The Page of Cups is helpful if you are feeling flat and you can’t enjoy what you are doing. Add some sweetness and imagination and you will feel excited and positive about it again.

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