March 18th: The Magician

This week’s tarot reading is The Magician from the major arcana. The magical energy of this card is a great reminder of our natural ability to connect to the heavens and the earth. And doing this is an important way for us to feel grounded and rooted to our true selves. Also, the Magician tarot card, has the four elements of earth, air, fire and water, on the table. This is what creates us and enables us to exist. He is pointing a rod in his left hand to the heavens and his finger points to the earth and he is using his own body as the worldly plane to connect to the higher and subconscious in his mind. Through linking these together he comes back to his true self, which is a higher self.

We can connect to ourselves much better and more clearly. Remember we are part of the earth and the sky, we are made up of the elements. If we can remember this, we will feel much more strong and clear in our core. Below is video link for a deeper explanation of The Magician as a tarot reading.

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The Magician on Tarot by Louise Instagram IGTV channel