March 19th: The Ace of Swords

Today’s daily tarot reading is The Ace of Swords. This is minor arcana and air element. In Tarot, swords relate to our mind and thinking patterns. Today’s energy is about being the ruler of our mental activity. Have you ever looked at your thoughts and what goes on in your head? Is all of it helpful? Is some of it annoying, repetitive and you’d wish it would stop? Buddhists call this monkey mind. It is always jumping from one thought to another and it rarely rests for a long time. Meditation is a quality of the Ace of Swords! (Check out the link. Mingyur Rinpoche, who is from the Buddhist lineage, introduces mindfulness and meditation).

The Ace of Swords represents our mental strength and the ability to be in the moment. This tarot card symbolises that it is time to become a Queen/King of your head. We need to be careful of being influenced by the speed of change and superficiality in our thoughts. Developing mental sharpness gives us back our natural clarity and wisdom, the two edges of the sword.

With today’s card, ask yourself, ‘what am I thinking about? Is this helpful?’ It is good to start getting acquainted with your thinking patterns. Wield power and authority over your head and take back the mental space that has become so cluttered by mental garbage. Have you ever considered that some thoughts might be that, garbage? The important message of the Ace of Swords is to remember you always have control of your mind, but if you do not train it, it can not be strong.

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