March 20th: Spring and Personal Growth

To celebrate the first day of spring, today’s daily tarot reading focuses on personal growth.  It’s a new season and it’s time for transformation. I look at three cards that give good advice for bringing this hopeful spring energy into our own personal and professional growth. You can refer to them as totems to follow for support all year around.

The Four of Coins

Four of Coins, minor arcana
Four of Coins.

In order to allow more to come into our lives and to be abundant, you need to ask yourself a question. ‘Am I too tight with what I have’? The four of coins can be quite gripping. If you want more growth then let go! Be fluid with what you have instead of grasping it. If you invest, that means putting your energy and resources into things where there is risk. There can not be grow without some risk. Loosen your grip and let things grow without constant analysis. How can you do this? It’s in the next two cards.

The Ace of Rods

Ace of Rods
Ace of Rods.

Look at the energy of this wonderful card. It is flying through the air with great power and optimism. The Ace of Rods, fire element, features a magical hand giving us an opportunity to plant. This is about opportunity and creativity coming towards you. These help to loosen the grip and to flow more in the growth process. Personal growth happens when you get more creative. It is exciting and transformative. Opportunity is a universal force and has magical energy. If you only see it as a human made thing with only human effort, this can limit growth in harmful ways. Let go and take some chances with your growth. The Ace of Rods guarantees you’ll have more fun if you do. An example might be that during a period of focus and effort, take a spontaneous break away, or attend a creativity based class. These injections of fun can increase your growth a lot.

The Queen of Coins

The Queen of Coins.

Look at this Queen’s stance. Inspiring isn’t she? Her advice is to trust and have a big vision for yourself. Look out to your goal daily and believe you can get to it. See yourself as successful from day one. Step by step effort is success as much as the desired outcome. Notice how the green leaves in the Ace of Rods show up in this card but now they are brown and surrounding her. This Queen embraced all of that creative opportunity and it grew to its fullest potential. She took risks and she trusted. Do the same in your daily life. Feed your self-trust and optimism in these ways.

Happy spring equinox and happy growth!

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