March 22nd: The Star

The Star is our daily tarot reading, and is a major arcana card. This tarot card is an expression of personal freedom and release from inhibitions and hang-ups. This is a time to be your true self and to stop compromising who you are. When we commit to this, support from the universe will come.

The Star tarot card can also signify that this is a time where old wounds and lost individuality can be healed. Astrologically, Chiron is now in Aries for the next nine years. If you know which natal house Aries and Chiron are in this will indicate where healing can happen. Aries is about confidence and healthy self identity. Chiron lives where our deepest wound is and what our ability to heal ourselves and others is. It will be helpful for you to contemplate these placements for more clarity and understanding of yourself.

The beautiful woman in this tarot card is pouring water into a water source and into the earth. This is symbolic of self rejuvenation and flow. These two need to live together and be incorporated into life if you want to find your true flow and true self expression. The Star symbolises joy and being free of burdens. This is the natural human state without stress and worries. Today and this weekend, please try to live that way and keep everything light and easy.

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