March 23rd: Swords For Self Healing

Today’s tarot reading is a combination of three swords cards for healing our hearts and minds. Swords represent air element and mind. The page of swords, the three of swords and the six of swords shows a journey you can take if you choose. The page of swords starts with the experience of awareness of a pain. His focus on a way to heal this pain and be able to move on is the impetus for the journey.

This tarot reading tells us this weekend is a good time to tune your awareness inwardly to feel any pain or feeling of hurt inside. Try to connect with the hurt and release the wounds that are there. Great benefit can be experienced if you do. Resolve to make this healing journey one for life. Here you will come to a much calmer and happier place. This is symbolised by the six of swords which shows a journey’s end and the arrival of more peaceful times. This tarot reading is an unusual one as they are all swords tarot cards.

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