March 25th: The Queen of Coins

From the earth elements and minor arcana, this tarot card is about achieving your dreams by working towards them with positive visualization and self- belief. Whatever or whoever you want to become, this Queen tells you that to get there you must start embodying that now in the present moment. This tarot card tells us to look far out in to the distance and have a big vision for your life. She has a clear view ahead about what success looks like for her.

Start today with a positive visualization about who you want to be and where you want to go to. If you only hope and wish for something, it might never come. There is assertive energy and a prosperity mind set in this tarot card. Think about what those two things mean to you. Do you feel connected with prosperity? The Queen of Coins, says you are ready to achieve your dreams if you can see them clearly in your mind.

Action Plan for Growth

This tarot card supports growth and shows you are ready to go further with what you are building for your life. Make a daily action plan with simple steps that bring you closer to your dream place. Know that you can get to where you want to be that makes you fulfilled. Here’s a suggestion three steps to to start working with.

  • The first step is believing you can reach this place.
  • The second step is believing you belong there.
  • The third step is building confidence that you are good enough as you are.

The Queen of Coins, says to connect with prosperity everyday and become more generous. Invest yourself and your money into your personal and professional goals and you will reach them with the abundance of both outer and inner wealth .

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