March 26th: Apple Card

Apple represents new life and that this is our time to bloom. This card is from The Celtic Tree Oracle. Today look at where your life is growing and what is opening up for you. It is important that you acknowledge and appreciate the blossoms of new beginnings. All of our lives bear fruit at different times. At other times it may seem more barren. Look at what is blossoming and feed it with grace and encouragement.

Nourish what is growing for you at this time and it will grow very well in the coming months ahead. Apple card is auspicious and holds magical energy for new projects and enterprises. Know that good fortune and life going smoothly is magical and amazing. Be the best gardener and know that new life need to be given positivity and belief to grow.

Keywords For Apple Card

  • Appreciation
  • Growth
  • Magic
  • Garden your life
  • Time to bloom
  • Celebrate life

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