March 27th: Two of Cups

Today’s tarot card is the two of cups which is about connection and love. It is minor arcana and water element. The number two and water, suggest it’s a day of focusing on your relationships. Significant meetings for new love can happen now. Two is about bringing balance and harmony into your relationships, whether they are romantic or not. It is a great day to focus on those you love and give those relationships some attention. If there is a special person who you admire from afar, or know you should ask out for a coffee, today might be the day to do it. This tarot card suggests attraction and being magnetised to some one new or some one you did not notice before. If you are in a relationship, it could be time to take it to the next level?

This couple are looking into each others eyes with deep sincerity and respect. The two of cups is not just about crushes. It is recognising your partners special qualities. This is what makes a meaningful union; respect and admiration have to be there for love to work.

Connection and love only come when we see it and feel it. There has to be a level of awareness and being present for love to work. So today, give those you love a bit more recognition an let them know you are aware of them and you love them.

Keywords For Two of Cups

  • Balance
  • Connection to the heart
  • Recognition and respect in love
  • A new love attraction
  • Making a commitment based on respect

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