April 1st: The Moon: Emotional Bravery

The Moon tarot card is about emotional bravery. It is one of the deepest and most mysterious cards the tarot holds. The Moon is a portal into the deepest parts of our psyches. It often shows in a reading when it is time to look at our most difficult places and move through them. Choosing this tarot card indicates we have no choice but to choose a path of healing now. In the image, the Moon is intense and huge and there is no escaping it’s energetic draw.

Today and this week, emotional bravery will help you to face your fear about what you find most painful and overwhelming. The ancient crustacean coming out of the pool means it is an ancient pain. It is coming out now because we can heal it. The Moon tarot card suggests that often this is about shame, guilt and things that are too embarrassing to confess. It can also be about the numbed pain from loss. Know that this is a great time to shine a sympathetic light (moonlight) on your feelings of shame etc. The gentle light rays can release the dark shadows of feeling incomplete, inadequate and being flawed. This is about releasing pain in the sub conscious and the emotions.

This week you can also move on from old secrets and anything that you know deep down does not belong to you. Perhaps that is family secrets, family patterns that have created emotional oppression? However you relate the this image, it will reveal to you what the pain is about and just ‘coming out’ from it’s shadows and no longer identifying with it, is a healing process in itself. Be gentle with yourself and know everybody has a part of them they hide or controls in some way. The Moon is maternal energy. There is a re-birthing in this tarot card. Once you come out of the pool and move up and on, you will feel much more emotionally free.

Keywords for The Moon Card:

  • Emotional bravery
  • Sub conscious
  • Path of healing
  • Portal into the psyche
  • Emotional freedom
  • Face your fear
  • Shame / guilt

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