April 2nd: Page of Swords: New Ideas

The Page of Swords symbolises new ideas and the inquisitive mind. His mental energy is clear and eager to learn and discover the world in front of him. Today’s energetic influences are encouraging you to feel excited and focused about yourself and your life. This is a good day to put extra effort into ideas and plans. It is amazing how much of a difference energy has on our actions. Get revved up today and believe in yourself. Be like this page, who can’t wait to discover and learn.

The Page of Swords message is that if you do not try, you will never discover or learn much. This mental energy card is about ‘going for it’, and putting effort into what we feel strongly about. So freshen up your mind by taking some deep breaths and feed your brain with oxygen. The Page of Swords is mentally alert and sharp. If you feel mentally flat but you’d like to have more energy, try getting inspired with a great book, a new hobby or class. Keep your mind alert and fed with new information and learned skills. Do not let your mind get saggy and out of shape because of laziness or tiredness.

If you are a writer or a creator, this tarot card lets you know you are onto a good idea and keep following it.

Keywords For The Page of Swords

  • Alert and sharp
  • Mental energy
  • Great ideas
  • Enthusiasm to live
  • New ideas
  • Writing talent/skills
  • Believe in yourself

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