April 3rd: The Star: Success

Today’s tarot card is about success. The beautiful major arcana card, The Star, shines a beacon of to us all. The Star represents Aquarius, the sign of unusual talents and expansive minds. Today you can connect to your own particular flow and talent if you let you own natural light shine brightly.

We all have this light and our own particular qualities and gifts to share. Today is a great day to share them, however small the gesture of light, it is important to give it out. This will give you confidence and a sense of success with everything that you do. Let you higher conscious guide you. The star above her head represents our inner guides communicating with us and helping us to shine.

Keywords for The Star:

  • Shine your light
  • Success
  • Energy flow
  • Happiness
  • Accomplishments
  • Being happy in your own skin
  • Higher conscious

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