April 5th: Spiritual Awakening

Today and this weekend’s tarot reading represent a kind of spiritual awakening. The Tower and Hierophant cards together are a powerful combination. They tell us that life becomes meaningful when you give it meaning and realise the significance of everything. Nothing is insignificant. These two cards are both major arcana which means they hold a message of awakening. To live life to it’s fullest and the be the best person you can be, there must be truth and a waking up from delusion.

Life is The Teacher

The Hierophant is the Teacher. He is a wisdom holder and his energy contains much knowledge. he is asking you to see more deeply into your life and your purpose. This card can guide you to finding ways to deepen your connection to meaning and wisdom. This card suggests that learning depends on having a Teacher. You might not want a guru per se, but who are the Teachers in your world? Who is passing their wisdom and knowledge down to you? Do you connect with a lineage in any way? Many cultures have this but sadly the west lacks it terribly. If you can not follow a Teacher, look for yours in the form of experiences and messages from all around you. Be open and not closed to what life can teach us all the time.

The Tower and The Spiritual Shift

As human beings, it is amazing we can read, write and communicate on such profound levels. Please do not waste this life stuck in the mundane. If you are unlucky, you will never have a spiritual shift. If you are lucky, you will. The Tower is the spiritual shift. Often it is forced upon us if we are living our lives in an idle way and not making our lives into something more meaningful. The Tower is your ego and also laziness, the stubbornness to stay asleep to the world. The lightening in the picture represents the energy needed to strike through stubbornness and blindness to faults and bad habits. It takes force and power, like lightening, to bring down what has imprisoned you.

These two cards are profound and they can support your spiritual awakening. Here are some powerful suggestions to start bringing down the inane and make your life more meaningful and awake.

Ways to Start Waking Up

  • Learn to meditate
  • Admit your faults and bad habits without self criticism
  • Ask yourself over and over how do I give my life meaning?
  • Do not rely on family to give you meaning. You have deeper purposes
  • What can teach you to be a better person?
  • Do you take responsibility for your actions? Do you apologise?
  • Put more energy into the way you live your life

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