April 10th: Nemetona: Sacred Space

Today we have the Celtic Goddess, Nemetona, who protects and represents sacred space. Connecting to the divine is advised today to find healing in a sacred space. Visit a place that has meaning for you and gives you a sense of peace. Life’s busyness can take us away from silence and spending time alone. Doing this is essential medicine to rejuvenate your energy and to get back to balance in our bodies and minds.

If you are longing for some peace and quiet but life is too demanding, make a sacred space in your home. This might be just a candle and some flowers or crystals. The main point is that you have a area that reminds you that life is sacred and not ordinary. Having this place also reminds us that the real sites of spirituality and power are within ourselves. The Hindu and Buddhist philosophies call this the channels and chakras. The christians might call it the heart of Christ that lives in us. Know that within you there is a place of silence and calm. The best way to honour this and nurture it is to pay regular visits to it just by being silent, making a prayer and remembering the magical quality of life.

Clear the energy in your home and with sage, and weed your garden if you have one. Tune into the powerful energy that resides in you, the well of goodness and grace. This card is from Doreen Virtue’s Goddess Guidance deck.

Keywords For Nemetona:

  • Find healing through making a sacred space
  • Silence is sacred
  • Discover your inner peace
  • Protect your space
  • It is time to cleanse your home with sage
  • Light a candle to connect with wisdom light
  • take time out to be with yourself.

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