April 12th: Ace of Rods: Positive Energy

The Ace of Rods, positive energy, is a great tarot card to pick. There is strength and direction influencing us and encouraging you to make the most of your opportunities. If a good thing comes along and you reach out to it, exciting things can happen for you. The magic hand offering this wand, is giving you a chance to do something great with your ideas and dreams. There is a magical element to this card. It is quite like Aladdin’s carpet. If you ride the energy of this tarot card, it will take you somewhere worth going to and life will never be the same again.

If you are planning a trip, this card lets you know it is going to be a good one and you will have a strong link to your destination and it’s culture. Going on an outdoor adventure would be a great thing to do now also. The Ace of Rods indicates spring energy and new life. Change things up, shift around your routines. Bring some fresh air and energy into what you do and start to love it more too.

The Ace of Rods, also represents the positive energy in great ideas and light bulb moments. If you go along with these inspirations, the universe will give you support to grow and make new things happen in your world.

Keywords for Ace of Rods.

  • New ideas and inspiration
  • Positive energy
  • New energy and direction
  • Favourable travel
  • Go on an outdoor adventure
  • Be spontaneous
  • Take opportunities, do not say no
  • spring energy and new life

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