April 16th: Two of Swords: Intuitive Insight

The Two of Swords is about intuitive insight. This is an air element card and ruler of the mind. It shows an image of some one who has chosen to blindfold themselves in order to balance these two swords. They represent a difficult situation that has to be dealt with. All of us will face challenging situations at some point in our lives. How do we work with these in our minds? How do we stay balanced and not drop what has to be carried until it is properly put down?

Intuitive insight

Intuitive insight is the key to holding these swords properly and not dropping them in a harmful way. The blindfold can be interpreted in two ways. They are closing their eyes so they can feel the answer from within and connect to their intuition more clearly. The second is that they are covering their eyes so they do not have to look at their problems. The rock pools and the ocean and the moon behind them symbolises the challenging situation that is weighing them down.

Facing Challenges

If you face challenges and you can not make a balanced decision, remind yourself that some decision making is inevitable and this card shows this is one of those times. Things will simplify and balance better after you do this. We can not escape life and often it is mistakes we have made or others have made around us that we have to balance out. Do not be afraid to make decisions even if the situation is tough. There is only so long we can carry burdens and mental weights.

This tarot card also tells you to wait a while before making a move on a decision. Give it a little time and see how things develop. Quiet reflection is needed to keep difficult situations in control. Once you have listened to it carefully you will be able to respond with a clear mind and not a fearful reactive one. 

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