April 19th: Three of Swords: Heal Wounds

This weekend’s tarot card is the Three of Swords. Its energy says you can heal wounds now. When is the right time to let go of hurt, and when has enough time passed to feel that you are able to forgive? Now is the time for stubborn resentments and beliefs to be released. All of us hold some kind of wound. maybe it’s a long way back with our family or maybe it might be a stressful boss. Whatever it is we carry, it is important to acknowledge that these ‘sword like memories’ need to be released.

To heal wounds using this tarot card, means to pull the painful memories, associations out and let the past heal. Words that were said long ago that affected us are long gone. Know that ultimately, it is yourself who suffers the most by holding on, not the person who hurt you. If some one is asking you for forgiveness, give it to them with all your heart. Life is too short and too precious to hold on to resentments and grievances. Easter is a perfect time to reflect on forgiveness and healing. Give your heart and mind new life and energy.

Sometimes it is good to reflect on your behaviour and how you process pain. Reflect on your mind and your attitude to pain and hurt this weekend. This tarot card’s themes need to be revealed to you now.

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