June 3rd: The Tower: Radical Action

The Tower and radical action is being asked of us this week, to protect ourselves from the negativities that can build up. This can be within us or around us. Have a good look at the contents of your life this week. What is healthy and what needs to be let go of? The Tower tarot card, is not asking us to do this gently. Bad habits or people, jobs, places, that are not good for you need to be examined. The Tower is ‘necessary destruction’. Burn down what is not healthy for you this week. Make a commitment to take better care of yourself, your needs and who you have relationships with.

The Tower is powerful if you ask for its help. Astrologically, it is Mars energy. This is time to make sure nothing that is destructive to your happiness hangs around you. This includes our own personal habits and behaviours. Radical action and radical energy can bring great transformation to your life this week.

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