June 4th: Knight of Coins: Get Organised.

The Knight of Coins is about getting organised today. If you want to succeed in reaching your goals, the energy of this minor arcana card can help you. Tarot holds many layers of symbology, and this card has several images that we can use to strengthen our focus and commitment.

Firstly, notice a sun rise in this tarot card. This tells us to make the most of our time, to get up early and use the full day. Take advantage of time and what we have. The knight of coins represents a farmer in some respects.
He is growing a strong crop that can feed him for a long time. He is practical, smart and disciplined. These attitudes are a great way to make things work out successfully.

Next, we see this tarot card features strong armour. He is resilient and he does not give up easily. He is looking straight ahead, without distractions. Do this with your life and your goals. Stay focused and put keen energy into what you do, and it will work out.

So today get organised, and make your mind strong and committed to reaching your goals.

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