June 5th: King of Cups and Love

The King of Cups and love. This tarot card is ruled by Neptune and represents the water signs of Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer. There is a strong emotional combination today and you might be feeling more sensitive than usual.

What I daw from this card, is that there is an enhanced sensitivity inside you today. Perhaps you are missing those you love that are far from you more that usual? Waters run deep today and this can connect long distance hearts together again without actually meeting. If you feel love in your heart deeply for some one today, express that to them, don’t hold back! If you long for some one who you can’t contact, just feel them. Simply feel the love you might be aware of today and appreciate that feeling of connection.

Neptune and water sign energy could feel intense today. I suggest you be open to deep feelings even if they feel beyond your control. This is a great day to write too. Much can come out today. Be sure to express yourself however you need. if there’s a pressure build up of sadness today, release it. Love is complicated at times and who we fall in love with is some times beyond our control. If they make you feel wonderful, cut through any guilt and focus on the tender love you have with another person. The King of Cups and love, needs to be felt today. Tune in to your heart and enjoy the symphony.

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