Card of The Week: June 10th: Strength.

This week’s cards are about strength. The Ten of Wands and The Page of Wands have lot of fire energy going on! Ten can often feel like we are loaded down with too much. Too much life, too much responsibility, too many deadlines.

The advise of these tarot cards is to ease the pressure off yourself. If you can not put anything down yet and you have to keep going, then breathe.
It does not serve us to resent these weights we sometimes have to carry.

The Page of Wands gives some hope and lightness when we are in this ‘heavy’ zone. This tarot card is young and enthusiastic about problems and rocks on the path. This week try to invoke your inner child who sees everything as an adventure. Whatever we have to carry, do it with the knowledge that nothing lasts forever. Your load will lighten and you will have better days. All stressful situations change. Bad jobs will change too.

Keep going and believe in yourself and your inner strength this week. If what you are holding is futile, put it down. If it has a purpose or need, then keep going. You are stronger than you think. This tarot reading shows strength can come from all sorts of places this week.

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