June 11th: Two of Wands: Have an Adventure!

The Two of Wands wants us to have an adventure today. Where I am, the sun is shining, there is plenty of fresh air and shimmering light. The birds are singing loudly, as it’s been raining the past several days. Now, clouds have parted and we can go out again and enjoy our environment. This description is a good fit for this tarot reading.

If you can not take a vacation this year, you can still give yourself mini ones. Explore new places at the weekends. It opens up our minds and our imaginations. The two of wands, holds this energy and it encourages us to ‘go out’ and discover the world and ourselves.

The two of wands wants us to have an adventure with our relationships. Wherever we have to collaborate with others. The card shows a globe being offered, and there is direct and respectful eye contact with the partner, who we do not see. When you respect others and what they can bring into your life, then you appreciate them more. If you think about it, everything good that comes to us has happened through others kindness. If we live with this awareness, good people come to you. Adventures will find you and take you deeper into your life.

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