June 13th: Ten of Swords:The end of difficulties

The Ten of Swords foretells the end of difficulties for us. This is a heavy looking card but within it, lies relief and happiness. It has been a challenging time and obstacles are now ending. This card can also advise us that something we want to start is not going anywhere. It is better to not go there at all.

This Tarot card is a deep one. When this card is picked and you resonate with it, it is time to have a bit of a break. There has been stress. This card tells us that what is ending is for the best and often, the ending is a saving grace. It is difficult for us to see what is good for us an what is not. The Ten of Swords, confirms that this ending is needed and now you can start again.

This tarot card is in air element, which rules the mental energies. The dead body can also signify it has been mental blocks and anxiety causing the stress. If the mind is used productively, it can focus away from negativity and stop unhealthy mental patterns.

Ten of Swords and the end of difficulties

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