Card of The Week: Seven of Coins: Making Progress

Card of the week is the Seven of Coins and this means you are making progress in your endeavours. When this tarot card is drawn, it is time to assess what you have been growing and be honest with where you are. Are your plans are working or not? Whatever your view point about this may be, rest assured your efforts will still bring their own rewards to you.

Making progress can mean different things. My suggestion is be open minded with your ambitions and goals this week. The seven of coins shows us that some thing is growing and you should not give up. At the same time, it is a good moment to add something new into the mix for creating success. Push yourself a bit more than usual this week and I am confident you will get over any humps that might be frustrating you.

Take a look at this card and see which aspects of it get your attention. What are you noticing that could give you a hint for your success? I find I am drawn to his gaze, which looks into the distance. I connect with my ability to see the big picture, and remember places take time to reach.

Lastly, I picked the Ten of Coins for us as an confirmation card. If you’d like to know how this is good news for making progress, you can watch my IGTV video on Instagram here.

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