June 19th: The High Priestess: Clearing The Air.

The High Priestess is showing you today that there is some stale air that needs clearing. What might this be? With her direct gaze and powerful demeanour, I am going to guess that it is important to you. What might you be ignoring that is building up inside you or around you that is causing emotional pollution?

The High Priestess is all powerful, except for one thing. She is quite repressed and held down. Her emotions are symbolised by the crescent moon, at her feet. She firmly has them under her control. This card is telling us we are repressing something that we need to say to ourselves or another person. Perhaps it’s a family member or a close friend? Your lover? Whoever it is, if you resonate with this message, it is time to clear the air with them. You will feel much better for doing this. You might worry that this will be perceived as a confrontation. Do not let this stop you. The holding it in and sitting on it creates worse energy in the long run. You need to be honest and allow yourself to breathe freely. Telling the truth with empower you.

On another level, it is really good to clear the air in your home. Use sage or other purifying herbs and woods to do this. Keep some crystals around you too. They are great for absorbing negative energy. These kinds of energetic supports will give us psychic strength and a sense of calm when we face challenges and feel fear.

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