June 21st: Summer Solstice: Love And Gratitude

Summer Solstice is all about love and gratitude this year. The longest day, here in the northern hemisphere, gives us a chance to look back and celebrate what has gone well for us and to spend a moment in being grateful. If you can get out and be in the energy of sun set, it is a blessing of nature.

Be grateful for your friends and loved ones and include nature and the environment in this group. Nature takes care of us, protects us and gives us delight. Remember on this day to love nature as a friend. Think of ways, even if it is small, how we can treat nature better in the future.

Love and gratitude are a big element of the Three of Cups. You can see from the image there is a celebration, a party in progress. Remind yourself to have a good time more often and get out into the open when the weather is beautiful.

Not all of us take part in rituals, but today you can make a small one to connect to the shift in time and light. This supports us in staying tuned in to the elements and to nature. This can be as simple as taking a bow to the sun set and thanking it for all of its light and warmth. These kind of gestures are nourishing for you and creates positivity in your life. All forms of love and gratitude will do this. Happy Summer Solstice!

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