June 24th: Four of Swords: Being, is your pass to freedom.

Being is your pass to freedom this week. Tuning in to the cards this week, the Four of Swords is our guide for connecting to being and not getting tangled up in busyness. Maybe you are feeling the pressure of too much to do and think about. This powerful card helps to connect you with mental stability and strength. When you think things can’t get any busier, this means they can not. Do not let yourself get to stressed out states this week. Spending some time each day just sitting, relaxing, reading, is so important for your short term and long tern happiness and mental health.

The Four of Swords, depicts a person in a church crypt. This does not symbolise death. It is about deeply resting because you know this is the best thing for you to do. Would you keep your car engine running the whole time? No, you know it needs to shut off to not burn out and die. This card is suggesting that deep quiet and peace, even small intervals each day will strengthen you and make you more stable.

The Page of Swords is the focus and commitment you will need to make a new habit strong. This part is very important, so take note. You need to see the value and the pay off in being silent, being quiet and being unavailable at times. Once you contemplate this and see how powerful it is, you will become more dedicated to nurturing this path.

So, this week, look at how being is your pass to freedom and go for it. Keep connecting to quiet and stillness. Pressures and life take away private time. This week, start to reclaim it.

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