July 1st: Card Of The Week: Ten of Cups. Love Well Or Not At All.

Love well or not at all. This week’s cards are giving you this message. The Ten of Cups represents true love and the experience of great happiness and coming together with another person. The Wheel of Fortune, a major arcana card, relates to the ups and downs of life and how things can change unexpectedly without warning. These two cards are an interesting mix.

The Ten of Cups, is our primary card. When we love, we must do this with the highest vibration we can offer to ourselves and the ones we love. What does this mean exactly? From the cards point of view, it is loving with honour and joy. It also means raising your loved one to a higher and happier place. If we do not do this, and we get caught in a ego trap of selfish love, we fall prey to The Wheel of Fortune’s merciless energy of erratic and unstable energy. ‘Ego love’, can not grow us or grow our hearts. Selfish love will cause us to lose out big time.

What does to ‘love well’ mean? Have you ever questioned this? From these cards perspectives, it means to be present, to be honest and give your best self to those who give themselves to you. This week look at how you are loving others and how you engage in relationships. The main thing is to raise your vibration in relationships. Make more of an effort where you know you can, and ask the other person how they think you can improve. Do this for each other and you will have a beautiful Ten of Cups relationship.

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