July 3rd: Page of Rods and New Moon Inspiration

Today we have The Page of Rods, which resonates well with the new moon in Cancer. Creativity is like a child. It has to be believed in when it wants to play and explore. This tarot card is asking you to allow the creative and inquisitive side to have more room to be able to grow. Our minds can be so rigid and logical. We get caught up in our work and deadlines to meet. Do not let the lighter and playful side be forgotten.

New moon inspiration helps to blow away cobwebs and boredom too. Today is a chance to break out of a routine and do something different. This advice is intended to help you see other sides of yourself. Play is essential in our life but it is dismissed so much in society. So, remember to let your inner child explore as much as possible. That is how we connect to things, and other people. It also helps us to come out of our shells.

The Tarot is designed to show us our unconscious self and bring it into consciousness. This card, the Page of Rods, is the symbol of the mind and spirit wanting to discover and become something. If we can use the advice of this card today, we will make a deeper connection to our true selves, which IS creativity.

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