Card of The Week: Asking, “How are you?”

This week’s cards are around human connection and what it means when we ask some one “how are you?”. Astrologically, it’s the time of Cancer, and it’s mercury retrograde too. So, this can be a sensitive time emotionally for us. I’ll be posting readings around this theme all this week, so stay tuned.

Today is about how we communicate to others and are we showing care to people or not when we do? I find this happens in how we start a conversation, in particular an email or letter. ‘How are you’, and ‘what’s happening in your life?’, are two essentials to create good human connections. If we do not ask these basic and frankly, polite questions when we connect, what does that say about our level of engagement? Are we really interested to know?

For a long time, this has pressed my sensitive Scorpio buttons. If I get a ‘I hope you are well’, and then lots of their news, how do I respond in a connected way where both of us feel loved and acknowledged? Are they actually asking me, how I am? Does this sentence ask a question? I get confused what my ‘que’ is for how I should respond, and as an empath, I feel a lack of genuine care.

This week, tune into this important part of our unique human capacity to be heard and to be listened to. Can you read a difference in these two questions? How do they make you feel? Our world is so self absorbed now. We are more and more validated to take endless selfies and have puddle depth conversations in no more than a few syllables and emojis. Loneliness and isolation are seeded here quite often too. This reading has a great relevance in tackling the epidemic of loneliness in modern society.

Please take some time to reflect on how you say hello, engage and maybe lets’s take our friendships to the next level.

Cards That Reflect “How are you”? And Care

  • Two of Cups
  • Three of Cups
  • Ace of Cups
  • Six of Coins
  • Empress
  • The Sun

Cards That Reflect “I Hope You Are Well” And Non Commitment.

  • Hanged Man
  • Magician
  • The Fool

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