July 17th: Opening Up

Opening up follows on from this week’s theme of creating positive human connections. This is something we all need to do if we are going to make a great connection with others.

The two tarot cards that came up are Ace of Rods and Six of Rods. I love how the cards have given us quite a different angle on this subject. Trusting and feeling safe are obvious areas for opening up, but this reading gives us a chance to look at this from an energetic point of view, rather than emotional. Both of these tarot cards resonate with opening up from a creative point of view.

It takes a certain dynamic energy and effort when we are getting to know some one or spending time with them. Taking a positive interest in others is important. Let these two cards guide you to being 100% present and enthusiastic when spending time with others. The Ace of Rods is about opportunity and new places that can inspire us. Let your time with others be inspiring. Everyone has something interesting about them. It is up to us to take an interest in people to find this out. The Six of Rods shows us that ‘alive’ energy that makes things grow in a powerful way, like sunshine. Opening up with a willingness to experience the new, will have it’s rewards.

In a nutshell, be forthcoming and enthusiastic when we connect. See time with others as a creative experience. It is only through others that we learn who we are and what drives us and inspires us.

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