Card of The Week: August 19: The Hanged Man & Patience.

The Hanged Man, our card for this week, is all about patience. He is one of the more mysterious symbols in the Tarot. He assumes an uncomfortable position, yet his demeanour is deeply relaxed and focused. This man seems to be looking straight at us. What is he saying? Would he even speak to us? This card is the Yogi and spiritual seeker. He tells us that wisdom rises up from a deep place, and that only stillness can invoke it. This character realises that truth and answers take time. Nothing comes to us instantly, when it is from deep knowledge.

This week’s Tarot energy is about giving time and patience to what we are waiting for to come. It could be an answer to a problem. Maybe it is something that will help us to move forward. Whatever it might be, know that it is coming, but not on impatient terms. It is rather like nature. It is an event, we can’t just make it happen as we like. Wisdom is rather like this too. It presents itself to us all the time. The problem is, we are not still enough or open enough to see it and hear it. This week, be open and be still, and wait. What you are waiting for is coming.

On another level, The hanged Man, means that there are realisations about ourselves bubbling up this week. Light bulb moments of seeing things much more clearly and putting two and two together. Ask the Universe to be able to see deeply and clearly about yourself. What do you need to see, that could help you to grow? Who could you ask to reflect some truthful insights about you, back to you? Put yourself in a slightly uncomfortable position this week. You might evolve in way that will surprise you.

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