Tuesday August 20th: Mawu, Mother Earth

Mawu, Mother Earth is calling us today to be proactive for the planet, which is our only home. When we pull this card, she is urging us to take responsibility in our part for the world and all the beauty we get to enjoy.

If Mother Earth calls us, we can not ignore it. It would be like not looking at our children when they are in pain. We are all one big family here and separation, and superiority can no longer take control of our minds.

Mawu, is the West African Moon Goddess. She understands emotional cycles and knows that we have ignored too many, to not take notice. Decades of trashing and over using things, and wasting, has created an awful collective human energy. Today, and beyond, be a human who changes that collective energy. Be aware of your ignorance and selfishness. Your shift in attitude and behaviour will make a difference. Love and respect for our planet will help. Give thanks to nature and say thank you for all of it. After all, it is a gift, not a given.

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