Focused Intention & Diana: Wednesday Sept 4th.

Focused Intention is the energy that we can utilise today. Diana, a Roman Goddess, is encouraging us to bring our attention to what we what to achieve and not lose sight of it. Diana, has a strong mind and positive will power. Being a protectress, she does not lose her focus for a moment.

Today, re-energise your goals and purpose with some attention and effort. If you are saving up for something, put a little extra into the pot today. If you have neglected your dream, focused intention will help you to get back on track.

Knowing your priorities will empower your goals too. Do you have these clear in your mind? How much do you prioritise your goals in everyday life? Does busyness get you distracted or is it a lack of self confidence and faith? Diana, does not doubt herself or the accuracy of her bow and arrow. What is your personal ‘bow and arrow’? What do they look like? What ‘equipment’ are you using to hit the mark right? Now is a good time to ask yourself these questions, if you want to get ahead.

Diana is asking us to be careful of getting distracted and dragged away from our dreams. Give more energy and protection to what matters the most. Take this area of your life more seriously, as this card suggests, you need to give this your attention.

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