September 12th: The Hermit, Wisdom & Solitude.

The Hermit Tarot card represents Wisdom and Solitude. This is a profound card. When The Hermit, is pulled for us, we are being advised to have some quiet and silent space. Scientific studies are revealing just how important quiet time is. Revealing is an important word to connect with here. When we choose solitude, we can become more attuned to ourselves in quietness, and re-charge our over used mental energies. Much can be seen about ourselves and our truths when we are silent.

Today, spend some time alone and turn off any outside disturbance. Seek out your core power that lies deep within. If we do not give time to our spirit and allow it to speak to us, we can not follow the best path. I love this Tarot card because of its simplicity among other more complicated and challenging cards in the deck. The Hermit gives us permission to commit some time to our spiritual growth, just by being consciously quiet. This is amazing. Just think, all you need to do to connect with your inner wisdom, is to have some quiet time. Lighting a candle to initiate the time and energy is also great. The Hermit holds a glowing star in his lantern to guide him. Light a candle to symbolise your journey and that the light will lead the way.

I love that simple solitude and quiet can in itself be a decent spiritual path. Choose some silence today, a pause, a deep breath, and you will be thankful that you did.

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