Card of The Week: October 21st: Happiness & Struggle.

This is a warning not to struggle for your happiness this week. The Seven of Rods, is about persistence and resistance. It is also about fending off perceived problems and challenges. It is easy to become overly defensive when this card comes up. The Nine of Cups, means earned happiness. What do you feel you need to protect at this time that you are emotionally invested in? Are you being too protective over what you are determined to have or keep?

It is easy to get caught up in struggle if you believe your happiness is at risk. Nine of Cups, the card of fulfilment and emotional satisfaction, only comes after quite a journey of experience and challenges. This is part of life. If you can accept how nothing comes for nothing, and anything of value is earned, then it will be easier to relax around your goals.

Happiness is a state of mind, not an attained thing. Remind yourself of this statement this week when you might feel yours is slipping away. Paranoia and defensive thinking, can create the perception that this is happening. If you are genuinely losing something this week that is of value, don’t immediately go into struggle mode. Ask yourself if it might be time to let go?
Also ask yourself, if you need to be in a different place now, where a new kind of happiness can come to you. Sometimes struggle is the precursor to the beginning of the end. Note this also, and put some feelers out as to what any underlying discomfort might be about.

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