November 15th: Blackthorn: Self Protective

Today’s card is Blackthorn, from the Celtic Tree Oracle. This is a powerful and formidable tree. It has thorny defences and it is tough to penetrate. It is important to be strong and self protective, but if you are too extreme with this, no one can get to you and you will not be able to connect in a trusting and open way. Let your defences and worries down today. These thorns are more about fear based protection than a clever aid. 

Secondly, Blackthorn is a reminder that you can not control events around you and stop unwanted things from happening. Self protective anger will have no benefit for you whatsoever. Acceptance is the only way to make these thorns more workable. This tree does denote strength and persistence. If things don’t turn out well, it doesn’t mean that is an enemy, it just means that’s life. So, today relax and be aware of your guard. Let it down and soften any spikiness. Then, more positive forces can find you. 

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