Card of The Week: Nov 18th: ‘Reward’: The Nine of Cups

‘Reward’, The Nine of Cups is this week’s card. Maybe it’s because Mercury is going direct on the 20th that things feel so much better this week? Or maybe things you have been waiting to happen, actually happen!
This week, good things are coming your way and it will have some kind of emotional reward or at the very least, a sense of fulfilment. All that effort that you have been applying this year is now ripening. You can feel pleased with yourself that you stayed the course and did not give up when it all felt too hard. 

Whatever blessings and reward you receive this week, make sure you share it with those around you. They have been supportive and have made compromises for you to fulfil yourself. Rewards multiply even more when we share our good fortune. 

Be wary that you do not find yourself showing off or being arrogant. Positive outcomes and getting a reward are precious, but they also come and go. Ego can get above its station and can create unneeded enemies. 
It is important to remember that if you want your life to be joyful, it is your job to put the joy into it. Real joy comes from engaging or at least trying. Waiting alone, carries a danger of feeling entitled when good things come to us.

Remember, this card covers different ground. This could relate to your ambitions with your career or romantic relationships. It could even be seeing a transformation in your body through getting fit. Acknowledge your efforts and be pleased with yourself this week.

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