November 19th: The Lovers

The Lovers card is for obvious reasons, a very popular card. It holds exciting connotations. So many things are fizzing and bubbling with card number six’s energy. New love could be sparking today, for sure. Beneath the top layer of this card, lies deeper meanings. There is a risk with this card. It has so much excitement to it, we do not look for the deeper meaning.

This is the same with life and how we tend to live it. We want the good stuff but when it comes, we can get stuck to it. No mater how sticky it is, we want to get more glued to the good things, especially when it’s a sexy thing. Then we start imagining all sorts of fantasies. How much our lives will change by choosing this new sexy thing. This is the danger of The Lovers, when we draw it. This is also the point of the Fool’s journey, where he can get trapped in the garden of Eden forever. Addiction to good experiences are a prison. 

Today, do not get stuck in a dream fantasy. Instead, connect yourself to the deeper meaning of the card, which is about choices and doorways. If something sparkly and amazing shows itself, do not just lunge towards it and lose yourself. These seductions can drag us off our paths and purposes, sometimes for years. Have you ever made choices that made no sense? We look back after they dissolve and say ‘How did I get involved with so and so’ or ‘what was I thinking?’. This is when the power of The Lovers goes wrong for us. This card is about growing up and out of quite immature habits and becoming more in control and focused. Its evolution point is in card number seven, The Chariot. 

Do not jump to what is a familiar comfort zone. Choose a direction that will evolve you and not devolve you. If you are at the start of a romance ask yourself some questions. Will this person be good for me? Will I develop by hanging out with them? Am I going to grow or shrivel in this relationship? Make choices that will deepen your life experience and who you are as person today. 

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