November 21st: Be Bold

November 21st: Be bold! This is an energetic feeling rather than a card. Today is great for showing yourself off and not apologising for any part of you. If you are dying to do something, do it!. Be yourself 100% today. Do not shy away from expressing yourself or taking a risk. I’d say The Magician, The Chariot and The Star, from the Major Arcana reflect the kind of energy I am talking about.

The Chariot and positive direction
Card N07, The Chariot. Apollo, making his bold move forward.

Let’s go back to ‘be yourself 100%’. Is there anything in you that you have not felt open enough to let out? Allow this to happen. It is important to be ourselves and not fit a picture of what we think we should be according to family and society. It is our uniqueness that makes this world and our lives so colourful. You do not have to be some outrageous artist type to shine. being yourself is how you can truly shine.

Be bold. Deal with anything that might require your bravery. If there’s anything you need to say and you’ve held it off, why? Ask yourself if this helps you in any way. If it does not, it is time to say it.

Moving on is another way to take a bold step today. What might you be hanging onto? What has stopped you letting go? Sometimes boldness is the only way to get you moving. Sometimes there is no easy time to move on. If you are struggling to do this, ask friends for their help and support.

Try this exercise:

  • Write down what uniquely makes you, ‘you’?
  • What do you do that reflects this uniqueness?
  • When did you last speak out in a way that was ‘bold’ but you cleared the air/got things done/could move on?
  • When did you last do something that surprised you that you
    could do it?

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