November 26th: Beauty Within

November 26th is ‘beauty within’. The Nine of Coins features an exotic Queen, who dips her hands into a bowl of luscious fruit. She holds a hawk on her arm. This is partly to symbolise royalty and status, but also to show us that she is not just a rich, dumb royal. This Queen is smart and is honed in to everything around her. Self enrichment and knowing her value within, are what make her powerful. It is not just her relying on her outer beauty.

The Nine of Coins is telling you to dial in to what makes you feel good about yourself and what your qualities are. Make a fuss today and an extra effort to dress well and feel good in your body through anything like clothing, perfume, jewellery. Often this is an area where we don’t pay enough attention because of busyness or lack of confidence. This Tarot card is about paying attention to these things as they will have an self empowering effect.

Today tune in to your inner elegance and the beauty within. Let yourself shine. Even show off a bit 🙂

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