November 27th: Be The Change

Today’s Tarot card is Six of Coins, ‘be the change’. What leaps out from this card that connects with this phrase is a balanced ego. The energy of this person comes from a grounded place. They want to create positive change around them, but they are not egocentric. So many people in the world have an ambition to be helpful. This however can easily get hijacked by greed, selfishness and arrogance.

Today, think on this. What do you think of/feel, when you contemplate ‘be the change’? How do you want to do this? We all want change in our lives and in the world. We can contribute to positive change, everywhere, but, we can not do it without being in balance first. Whatever you are visualising around this statement, ask, ‘where is my own balance to be able to make this change?’ Are both of your feet on the ground? Is there compassion in this vision of yours? Whether this change is for just for you or for others also, are you connected to your own inner balance, Six of Coins, to make this happen?

Today is a great day to work with being the change. We have a new moon in Sagittarius. Use this time to transform your outlook and actions, dreams and drives, that can make a significant difference, in a BIG way. The Six of Coins is the philanthropist. He is giving to others in a place in his life, where he is ready and capable to help. Are you ready and capable? Yes? Fantastic? No. Don’t worry. If you just work on inner balance and intention, it will come.

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