November 28th: Two of Cups & Falling in Love

Today we have The Two of Cups and it’s theme is ‘falling in love’. This water element card relates to the moment of connectivity when we have a ‘falling in love’ experience. This is the focus of today’s energy. Connect deeply to everything. This is not just a love crush. Fall in love with your life all over again. Notice all its little nuances and the way it takes such good care of you.

Do not be fooled by looking outside yourself for that ‘special heart connection moment’. Create this for yourself. Fall in love with everything that life gives you. Get gooey with all the good things that happen. Have a very present and appreciating moment with your morning coffee. Is it sunny today? Have an affair with the light. Raining? Well, it’s romantic to get wet…Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

The main point of this tarot card, The Two of Cups, is to have a genuine experience of love with your life. Look how connected theses lovers eyes and bodies are. They are taking a vow to love each other. What vow can you take with yourself today? What promise can you make, to love you and your life more, and commit to that?

We all need to stop being hoodwinked by others appearing in our lives and how and fluttered that can make us. If you really fall in love with yourself and your life, your standards will be higher and you will be the best partner to yourself and everything around you. Congratulations on your new relationship with you!

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