December 5th: Six of Rods: ‘Be a Winner’.

December 5th, the Six of Rods, is a joyful card which encourages us to be a winner. Fire element cards can help us to have a winner mentality. Six is the number of acceleration and positive support. In order to use our fire energy well, we must feed it with self belief and be enthusiastic about ourselves and our lives in general. If we do not like these things, this card is telling us we need to change our attitudes.

To be a winner takes drive and strong self focus. The warrior in the picture has won his battle and he returns victorious. This Tarot card is indicating that the energy around us today might be challenging. Perhaps we feel flat in having to be strong all the time. The Six of Rods is saying, ‘you can do this!’ What is important is to have a winner’s attitude while we feel challenged and flat. What is that attitude according to this Tarot card? Firstly it’s in the body. Hold yourself straight and tall. Feel the strength in your muscles and consciously connect your feet to the ground. Next, this warrior exudes accomplishment. Connect to your future winner experiences in the now, and draw confidence from that. Finally, winners do not entertain for long thoughts of failure. They know this is the road to defeat.

Today, focus on the winning energy that is inside you. You might be feeling like you are walking a steep hill but it is important today, to keep connected to your innate strength and inner recourses that will get you to the top of the hill.

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