December 6th: Temperance

December 6th is Temperance. This is card N014 of the Major Arcana and it’s presence is important. Be extra aware of your words and actions today and notice where you might need to show some restraint. Carefully balancing emotions and thoughts can avoid trouble that might come from nowhere.

Keep your cool if you feel noticeably disturbed by thoughts and feelings. They will pass. By staying present, whatever might come at us, we can be open and prepared to know it is happening but not over react. This could be one of those days. Pace yourself, breath a little slower and deeper today. Feel your feet in the ground and keep that centre. If your mind or something outside you tries to topple your cool today, tune in to this card. Angel Michael does have a foot in the water, in the emotions and experience, but his other foot stays on land, to connect to ground. We could fall into our emotional reactions today so chill out.

Temperance is also about remaining patient and calm if you are waiting for a change to come, for things that trouble you to shift. This Tarot card can help us to accept whatever is happening by seeing it as a opportunity to be open and to be with your thoughts and feelings. We learn so much about ourselves when things go ‘wrong’. It is sad that most of us do not realise that this is the best blessing and the best time to transform our rigid minds into fluid and open ones instead. Try to do this today.

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